Trusted Low Water Lawn Installation in the Bay Area

Control Maintenance Costs with Drought-Tolerant Grass

Tired of your water-guzzling, high-maintenance turf? Why sacrifice curb appeal to avoid water usage penalties? Ask the team at Koch & Associates about landscaping with beautiful “native grasses”. Having adapted naturally to local soil and growing conditions over the years, they require very little water, no chemical treatments and minimal maintenance. They are not only lighter on your pocket but better for the environment as well. Property owners across the Bay Area are taking advantage of our low water lawn installation service.

Low Water Lawn Installers

Advantages of Converting to a Drought-Tolerant Lawn

Alternative lawns are more in vogue today than many homeowners realize. Here’s why:

Hire the Bay Area’s Top Low Water Lawn Installers

Leverage our landscaping expertise to create beautiful outdoor spaces that require less water. Whether we are installing xeriscaping or a traditional garden, you can count on us to help your property stand out. We provide complete landscaping services that include low-water plant selection, lawn replacement, water features, stone work, outdoor seating and irrigation systems.

We serve homeowners across the Bay Area including in Saratoga, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Los Gatos and San Ramon, CA with exceptional workmanship and outstanding customer service.

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