Irrigation System Installation That Saves Water

Koch & Associates provides professional irrigation system installation for California property owners who are rethinking the way they use water.

The drought may have eased, but water conservation is now a way of life in our state. If you have gone a couple years without a professional review of your current watering methods, reassessing how you irrigate could result in much lower utility bills and a better-looking landscape.

A state-of-the-art irrigation system installed by Koch & Associates gives unprecedented control over your watering habits. Remarkable advances in technology include the ability to monitor outdoor conditions, detect and stop leaks, and even program your system from a remote device.

Upgrade Your Irrigation System with These Products

Koch & Associates uses these water-saving products to upgrade your irrigation system. Installation is relatively fast and most homeowners experience a positive return on investment within a few months.

Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

Customized irrigation system installation by Koch & Associates professionals benefits you several ways:

At Koch & Associates, we provide irrigation system installation for homeowners in Menlo Park, Los Gatos, San Ramon, and Saratoga.

We work quickly and can complete most upgrades within a day or two. Contact us online to schedule a consultation.