Hire Us to Be Your Private Garden Planner

A Koch & Associates garden planner has the expertise to help your special plot of land bloom and grow, year after year.

Homeowners often hope to save money by planting their garden themselves. While there are many competent DIY gardeners in the Bay Area, a novice may make mistakes that can make gardening more of a chore than a relaxing pastime.

With the help of an experienced garden planner, you avoid mistakes such as over-planting or poor watering techniques. Creating the lush, colorful garden you have always envisioned for yourself is simply a matter of following the plan.

garden planner Menlo park

How a Garden Planner Benefits You

A garden planner ensures the success of your garden by mapping out an overall strategy for planting and upkeep. The strategy includes elements such as:

Koch & Associates’ service area includes the communities of Los Gatos, Menlo Park, San Ramon, and Saratoga.

Build Your Garden Slowly, With Our Help

Watching your garden change subtly from year to year is a joy. A garden planner helps you first establish your small piece of paradise, and then assists you in later years with suggestions for swapping out plants or installing improvements, such as a gravel walkway or a water feature.

Enjoy a satisfying, lifelong pastime with the help of a professional garden planner from Koch & Associates. Contact us online.