Trusted Pool Designers for Your Bay Area Property

Transforming Your Backyard into the Perfect Oasis

Offering complete landscape contractor services, Koch & Associates has trained pool designers and the expertise to build your ideal backyard retreat. We can create a range of pool shapes and sizes with custom options to suit your property and satisfy your needs. We take care of the entire landscaping project, ensuring that your yard is a harmonious reflection of your vision and lifestyle. Count on us for quality work, stylish results and easy maintenance. Bay Area homeowners seeking elegant spaces to enjoy outdoor living choose our talented pool designers for the job.

Our experienced and dedicated team has a track record of achieving the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Koch’s certified landscape architect will meet with you to understand your goals and budget. We work closely with you ensuring that your pool, the softscape and the hardscape around it showcases your personal style as well as your property’s natural attributes. You will receive a detailed pool design plan and installation estimate with options for additional landscape enhancements.

Talk to our experienced pool and landscape designers about your backyard remodeling project. Enjoy fitness, relaxation, and style in your own private space. We will deliver what you envision within the committed timeframe and budget.

Bay Area Pool Designers

Our pool design services can include:

The right landscape construction company makes your pool design, installation or renovation project easy. Our master-builder approach involves a simple, effective and proven process. For over 35 years, we have provided homeowners across the Bay Area with beautiful outdoor spaces that match their lifestyles, values and needs. We are open to working with your plans and enjoy collaborating with other experienced landscape professionals to create your unique backyard sanctuary.

At Koch & Associates, we serve hundreds of property owners in Saratoga, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Los Gatos and San Ramon, CA.

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